Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Keep on plugging away...

Chris over at A Deliberate Life said something in her blog today that made me think.  She mentioned how the last 20 lbs makes people want to rush to the finish line and kind of freak out about getting there.  While I have more than 20 lbs to go, I am close to being under 200 lbs and I feel that kind of stress/pressure.  Maybe if I eat 2 eggs instead of 3, maybe if I don't eat supper tonight...maybe if I double up exercise every day.... 

The truth is that if I keep doing what I am doing, I am going to get where I am going.  If these last 8 months prove anything it is that I can do it, that it doesn't always work the way I want it to, but results will happen if I persevere.    So I am going to keep plugging away...


  1. me too! Just gotta keep plugging on :)

  2. I think that doing this in a suitable pace is important. It's important for the body (and the skin!) to be able to keep up, and for habits to have time to change :)

  3. A few weeks ago I had a moment like that. It happened when I was less than 10kg (22lbs) away from my goal, and suddenly I thought, "Heck, if only I could carve that stuff off of me!" Luckily, the moment passed, and I am happily trudging along at my normal slow speed, inching ever closer... If the number "200" bothers you, switch to kg instead, that should give you a nice uneven number. ^^