Wednesday, October 16, 2013

When you Commit - It works.

I know why I gained weight the last year and a half (and it wasn't JUST because I had a baby!).  It's because I ate carton after carton of ice cream...days of McDonald's Egg Mcmuffins and Donuts and dinners of pizza and fried chicken.  If there was a time that I needed comfort food it was after my Dad passed away.  I miss him terribly still, but after almost 7 months, I am able to function much more reasonably.

But I also know why I didn't lose.  Because I wouldn't commit to doing it.  My emotions were every where.  I could do one day, but then not the next, so between sobs I would drive to the nearest store and buy chocolate. 

When I commit, great things happen.  The scale goes down - CONSISTENTLY.   Even though I weigh a lot more then my best weight right now, I feel as committed as I was then.  Sure, it's been a week (although with the Diet Coke it's been 30 days) and I could easily jump off again.  But seeing the scale move is motivating.  Enough so that I want to blog - which is another great tool to help in this journey.

I've been down this road.  It's familiar territory.  It should be easier this time!  :)

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