Saturday, October 12, 2013

Going Back to the Beginning

Since I already lost 100 lbs, and I know how to do it, I am going back to the beginning and doing what I did then, because what I was doing is spot on.
  • Water - lots of it, every day.  Almost a gallon a day.   No other drink
  • Food - Eat the same things every day for breakfast and lunch.  No guessing calories/carbs.  Dinner can be  varied
  • Exercise - At least 5 days a week.  Sometimes for 2 hours a day.  Cycle/Weights and Yoga
  • Blog - Blogging really helps me keep on task.  Of course having readers helps, and now I've mostly lost all of them, but least I'm writing!
Of course this time it will be different because I have a baby's schedule to work around, but I'll get there.  I try to remember there are mothers who leave their children 8 hours or more at a day care.  At the most I leave her for 2 and she is only 500 feet away from me.  I should not have guilt.  I need to do this for me.

I have been Diet Coke free again for 27 days.  Yay.

1 comment:

  1. Jodie!!!! I'm so, so glad you're back!!!!

    Thank you for commenting and letting me know you are coming back to blogging and to taking care of yourself.

    Yes, it can seem selfish to leave your daughter for 2 hours while you workout, but you are just taking time to take care of yourself so you can be better for her and your family.

    I look forward to seeing your great success and maybe even making me work hard to get these last 10-20 pounds off. :) You are not a failure. You are a human who has gone through a lot and you are getting back up again. THAT is success, my friend!! :)