Friday, October 18, 2013

I'm glad I remember...

I'm glad I remember what it feels like to work out weighing 90 lbs less than this.  Because it keeps me motivated.  I also work out harder because I know what I "can" do, so no need to hold back.

I'm glad I remember the highs of trying on new clothes and having them fit (and not from the plus sized section).  Although this temporary wearing of fat clothes is depressing, I have lots of clothes to fit back into and rejoice when I do!

I'm glad I remember that I can't lose  a lb every day.  (It'd be nice but not reality!)

I've had a pretty perfect week of eating and working out.  I feel good (a bit tired) 

Probably the best i've felt since April 2012 - when I got pregnant and found out my dad had cancer.

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