Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Towel: Part 1

I had meant to post about this a week ago, but never got around to it.

One of the goals in weight loss for me was to be able to wrap one of the gym's towels around me after a shower.  The towels are pretty small, so I needed to somehow keep two of them around me without falling down while walking through the locker room to get to my stuff.    Now, of course I could have brought my own towel from home, but it's bad enough to have to wash an extra load of work out clothes, there's NO way I'm doing towels too!

Well last week a towel wrapped around me.  I still needed a second towel because there was one small triangular spot that didn't quite get covered, but all I had to do was hold the other towel in my hand in front of me.  No fear that the towels were going to fall down on my way through the room!  It was awesome.   In this coming year, I hope to get to The Towel: Part 2 - where I don't even need a second towel to hold in front of me!