Sunday, December 25, 2011

My favorite Christmas moment...

Was this picture!  The hat was given to my by my daughter.  It's pink and says Hope and has the pink ribbon for breast cancer...PERFECT for the Avon Walk!  But this picture made me so happy because I saw it and thought how thin I look! I'm not thin yet, but it's amazing to me how it is.  Merry Christmas All!!

Compare this to last year Christmas:

Oh my word.  What change.  


  1. Holy COW what a change! I am gobsmacked! You look really thin and healthy, which is a great combo of course. :)

  2. You look fantastic and the change has made you look years younger. You look amazing - what a transformation.
    I think if someone showed me the two photos I would not recognise them as the same person. You are a complete inspiration - very well done...and Happy Christmas xx what a wonderful present you gave yourself.

  3. You look BEAUTIFUL! You have clearly worked very hard. Happy and Healthy New Year!

  4. That doesn't even look like the same person! Wow!

  5. I just found your blog and had to say you are such an inspiration. I am a new follower. You should realize how truly awesome your success is. By the way, not sure if you are interested but I am hosting a challenge. Please check it out.
    I'd love to have you. If not...also feel free to give me some tips as this is my 1st time hosting a challenge.. :-)

  6. WOW - love love love the before and after picture. Been wanting to see an update for quite sometime and now I see it!!! Hope that your Christmas was GRAND!!! (Looks like it was)