Friday, December 2, 2011

Constant Constipation and the Scale

Ah yes, time again to talk about the bathroom....but I wanted to write this post to encourage people this week because a few people had small gains.    Since maybe the summer, I have had on and off again constipation.  Basically I go a few days between #2's.  (which is so different from before when I was eating crap because then I would be going all the time).

But here's the thing.  This morning I woke up and weighed - I was 203.  Then I did my business - A LOT - after a few days of nothing) and now it is 201.  2 lbs!  2 lbs of holding on to stuff in my body.

This is why I don't worry so much if I don't see a move on the scale for a few days...only after 10 days I get a little annoyed.  It all depends on how much our bodies are holding and releasing.  This is also why I weigh every day - so I can be more aware of the fluctuations in my body.  

So if you are a little discouraged, take heart, all you may need is a trip to your local bathroom!


  1. Hi Jodie - Thanks for commenting! It's great to hear from you and see how amazingly well you're doing. Very inspiring! Actually, the reason I haven't been reading is because I don't have you on my blogroll, and I've gotten to where I just click what's new at the top. I'm going to put you back in as soon as I post this comment. Take care, and I WILL be reading and commenting.

  2. I hear you. After I changed my diet I'm struggling with that too. Didn't think about it affecting the scale though, but it makes sense!

  3. Ah - we struggle the same struggle!
    I haven't found a solution yet but its not much fun is it!

  4. Funny you would post this because I've had to start taking iron and I know it's affected things...and I haven't posted about that yet.

    Curious...would you ever share what a day in your eating looks like? I'd like to see and learn a bit.

  5. For me it was the other way round. Funny how that goes. But I think the body just needs time to reprogram everything. And yes, that is basically why everybody loses about 11lbs at the beginning of a fast - that's all the (literal) crap we carry around. ^^