Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I took Step Class today and I pushed myself a bit.  Usually I don't put risers in, but for three or 4 songs I kept one set of risers on.  My biggest concern is injury, so I took them out when we started to do peak cardio songs.  I will not risk injury just to burn a few extra calories. 

I did one of the moves I haven't yet tried today as well, called the Burpee.  In step, it means bend down, put your hands on the step, jump back with both legs then jump both legs in and stand back up.  It's tough, but I was glad I did it!

Baby steps....that's all we need as long as we keep moving forward!!


  1. Never heard of that term before but have definitely heard/seen that move in action - it looks tough so I can imagine how it feels to actually be doing it. Great job!

  2. Great job on continually pushing yourself to try new things! You know I love step class. :)