Saturday, December 31, 2011

4th Quarter and Year End Results 2011

I had a slower quarter, but still managed worthy losses.

For the 4th Quarter (Oct-Dec)

LBS Lost: 18.5
Inches Lost:  16.75
Hours Exercised:  83

Year End Results:

LBS Lost: 90.5
Inches Lost:  65.25
Hours Exercised:  254.5

Here's how the inches lost broke down - measured in January, then December.  Because I carry a lot of weight in my abdomen area, I measure both my stomach (right at my belly button and then my waist, which I consider right about my flab roll!

Neck:   lost 4 inches  (18, 14)
Thigh:  lost  6 inches (28, 22)
Calf:    lost 4.75 inches (22, 17.25)
Hips:    lost 13 inches (56, 43)
Stomach:  lost 14 inches (54, 40)
Waist:  lost 7.5 inches (45.5, 38)
Chest:  lost 10 inches (51, 41)
Arm:  lost 4 inches (17, 13)
Wrist:  lost 1 inch  (7.5, 6.5)
Ankle: lost 1 inch (10, 9)

So there we have it folks.  A pretty stellar year, if I do say so myself.  I didn't make it to 199, but it will be coming soon.  I signed up for a month long Boot Camp in January (MWF).  I don't know if I'm replacing some workouts or adding this to it, but I need a little something different.

I will be lowering my exercise goal for the quarter, only because I have been killing myself this week to meet the 80 hours in a quarter.  I'm sure I'll get there again, but it was just too much pressure.  So I'm going back to 75 hours in 90 days.   It's a very doable goal.

I will be running an 8K on March 25th to end the 1st Quarter 2012, so I will start training for that soon.   I have a running goal of this year doing a 5k in under 35 minutes.  Of course I will also be training for the Avon Walk which is in June. 

Happy New Year Everyone!  May 2012 be a happy and successful year for all of you!



  1. Wonderful, spectacular, marvelous!!!! Wow - I am floored at your accomplishments!!! You are amazing!!!!!!!!!! Here's to hitting more wonderful goals in 2012!! Happy 2012

    MOtivated MO

  2. What a wonderful set of statistics. I agree with you that as time goes on we have to scale targets accordingly - keeping up with the scale of progress as we change size is unrealistic and if goals are not attainable they cease to have the same effect. Brilliant you are starting boot camp...what a good plan. Looking forward to seeing even more successes. You have done incredibly well in 2011, roll on 2012!

  3. Awesome results! You are my new inspiration for the new year! Keep it up!

  4. A STELLAR year! I love how you did this.... Such a great way to see your progress... You are a HUGE inspiration!