Thursday, January 6, 2011


I am body tired. Not sore, but tired. I went to bed at 10:00 last night and could barely wake up at 7:00. I'm still yawning even though I showered to try to get myself going. This is VERY unusual for me as I am generally the most chipper, raring to go morning person you will meet. (well that is if I don't have to keep saying, Get Dressed, Go Potty, Eat your Breakfast or you'll miss the bus - then NOT so chipper)

Last night I did Body Pump and then tried a little of a new class called Sh'Bam! It is from the Les Mills Brand of classes. It is a cardio dance class and it was a lot of fun! I only lasted 15 minutes because I had just squatted my butt off in the previous class and my legs would not have been able to dance 45 minutes. I'm a bit excited about this class actually because it is dance I can do! The other class they have had was called Body Jam and it was more of a hip hop class. But, I don't pimp my ride, yo! This class feels more like what I imagine to be a Broadway dance class, complete with Jazz Hands!! Yes, please! It's always been my secret desire to be a Broadway store! My only dilemma - it follows Body Pump with Kiersten who, if you have followed my blog from the beginning, is my ultimate favorite instructor. But Sh'Bam is taught by Therese, who is my second favorite instructor, and the first instructor I ever took in the beginning who made me feel completely comfortable being in a Yoga class with a bunch of skinny people. DILEMMA! I suppose I could alternate, or just do what I did last night and take as much of the class my legs will let me. We will see...

*UPDATED* Here's a youtube video of a class of ShBam in Kuala Lumpar Malaysia.

and then...

*BAM!* I created an Emeril recipe for Simply Salsa, which was Simply Delicious!! I have resolved to make a recipe using each spice in my spice rack this year. I have already completed Cilantro (with the salsa) and Coriander (I made a delicious Turkey Sausage!) It's kind of fun!

Today is a day of body rest. But so far I have worked out 4/6 days this New Year. Go ME!

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  1. Go you indeed. That's about 4 days more than I've gotten this week. ARGH. Gotta get back. You sound pumped! Bodypumped, that is.