Sunday, January 23, 2011

In sickness and in health...

Ugh, I got so sick yesterday...fever up to 102.6...I'm better today, but still a little tired. In my delusional feverish state I wrote this poem:

Swooning Dizzy
My cheeks burn red
My breathing is labored, my breath is taken away
Yearning for relief, some small portal of comfort
...Alas, it is not for love I burn, but for fever.

Fever Fighting
Bacteria Dying
A circle of life inside my being.
Like humanity some are worthy
others only exist to destroy.

Sleep eludes with the heat of summer
Absent of bugs
There is no buzz but a beep of a thermometer that shows no mercy

Lips are dry like the scorched desert a plant that is not watered
But these plants are drenched water flows beneath the pot
But no relief

A cavalry or orange and white are called in but the battle is fierce
They have not advanced but retreated
Rally O you tools of medicine
Show yourself strong

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