Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Body, Barbells, and Books

There were 40+ people in my Body Pump class this morning! I have NEVER had so many people in one class. New Years Resolutions in Action- All right!! I'm still working through the pain, but it isn't too bad. Body Pump is a weight lifting class set to music. I really love it. (except squats and lunges). I've been going light with the barbell because I'm still sore from the first class, but I'm hoping next week to increase a little.

I had been trying not to step on the scale, but I can't help myself. I should probably just throw the thing out, but it's a good scale. And it has told me some good things this week.

I'm feeling better than I have in a long time. Hmm...eating well, exercising, feeling better....I'm sensing a connection....

I started attending a book club a few months ago, and it has been a VERY successful endeavor. Outside of church I haven't really met anyone since I've moved to Illinois. I tell you, I haven't laughed so much in years. We loved meeting that we added a 2nd social meeting per month and will randomly text/email to get together for drinks/movies at other times. Having a social life in addition to my family and separate from church has really helped me feel like a better person. It's a place where there are no expectations, no requirements, no judgments. Where people are really interested in your ideas and what you think. It is a beautiful thing. And on top of that, I am reading at least 1 book per month, which just helps to better my mind!

Two stresses today almost led me down the binging path of bad food. First, my husbands company is having layoffs at the end of the month, and while we are fairly confident that he will keep his job, it still adds some stress. We've just gone through 2 years of financial stress not being able to sell our second house. We really hope that we will not have to go through any time of unemployment! Secondly a friends husband is looking out of state for a new job. I cannot even express how devastating it would be for me to not have my friend here. She has been my greatest cheerleader in my weight loss efforts, she's the one I call crying when I get pulled over for speeding and don't want to tell my husband. She's the type that starts belting out Bon Jovi and Bette Midler tunes just because they fit the conversation we are having!

But, she will be glad to know that instead of grabbing the bag of chips, I grabbed the bag of snow peas. (They aren't nearly as satisfying though!) It would be silly to sabotage my efforts due to the "what ifs" of life. Today I made it through...

2011 Workouts: 3/4 days


  1. Way to fight the cravings Jodie. Snow peas don't sound to bad.

    I'm curious about what you've been reading in your book group. Mine disbanded a couple of years ago and I still miss it! Glad you're finding some new endeavors to enjoy.

  2. You're doing great! That weightlifting to music sounds like the way to go. Establishing a great social life outside of your marriage and family is (to me anyway) one of then best things you can do for yourself. 2011 will be a great year. Don't fret over the What If's ... enjoy the moment.