Friday, January 7, 2011

The More Motivators the Better

I've been thinking about motivation lately. What motivates me to work on my health and body. I think for some it is one thing...wearing a sleeveless at a wedding, getting into a bathing suit, looking good for a reunion with family or classmates. All of these are great but for me, I have found that having lots of little motivators works much better than having one big one to think about all the time. For me it is way to easy to lose focus depending how I feel when I have just one motivator. If it is just to lose weight by summer...well summer is a long ways away, this one little treat won't hurt...and so on...until I've basically given up. So depending on the day I have different motivators...some are serious, some are silly, but it helps

Here are some of mine:

To have my daughters be able to wrap their arms mostly around me.

To shop at regular boutique shops

To use only one towel at the fitness center when I take a shower

To do a push up easily

To wear jewelry (fat wrists and ankles do not make jewelry becoming..)

Etc...each day it changes and that helps me stay on track

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