Saturday, March 20, 2010

Who will be Number 50?

I have had 49 followers it seems forever! Now, I am in awe and honored that 49 people take the time to read my words each day. It's kind of like having 49 friends call you on the phone to see how you are doing, (without having to search for the phone every time it rings). This, in a way, is part of my own healing process. My words count. They mean something to people - maybe different things - but still something.

I like Grey's Anatomy. I watch it faithfully, and have never missed an episode. I spent some time wondering why I like it so much. Part of it has to do with the fact that Meredith's (the main character) father abandoned the family when she was young. And she has trust issues and abandonment issues. It is made up drama about real life feelings. A few episodes ago was a flash back in time when one of the main doctors was an intern. She was quiet and basically unheard. The chief told her "surgery is a shark tank, don't be a minnow." and "God made you short, who made you quiet?" My blog, in a way is helping me not be a minnow and is making me feel heard. It's a step in confidence.

Last night we had a fun night at 1776. The cast was mostly good, but the orchestra was terrible. I know it's local theater and we love supporting that, so they probably couldn't afford a great group. Today is hubby's birthday, so we have a few plans to eat out. Love that. Love him. Heading into Chicago to the Field Museum with the kids. Lots of walking, lots of fun.

I plan to hit the gym this week. Last week we had strep throat, the week before swollen tonsils and fever. So I've only been once in the last couple of weeks. Kid illnesses are a pain. I've been unmotivated too, so I can't blame it all on the kids.

So who will be #50? And thank you, 49 readers who encourage me and make me feel a little more like a shark every day.


  1. I know you have been a faithful follower of Bethany of "The Great Reduction". I wanted to let you know that she passed away last night. She dropped dead of a heart attack at Walmart. I don't know her password, so I can't update her blog.
    Denise (Her sister)

  2. You really do have a gift relying your feelings. Here's to a great "Hubby B-Day" - you are blessed Jodi. You are the apple of His eye! :)

  3. Hi Jodie,

    If you had an available email address, I'd email you. I'm so shocked and devastated about Bethany. You and Bethany were among the first blogs I followed when I started my own. In my mind, we've been a threesome in some ways - just trying, struggling, staying in the fight but getting disheartened at times. Not superstar bloggers who get over a hundred followers in a couple of months, but just steadily plugging along. Amazing how I feel we've lost a friend, even though we never met her.

    Thanks for letting me reflect for a moment. I hope your weekend is great. I predict that over the weekend, you'll get that 50th follower. If I could sign up again, I would!

    In the meantime, I know we'll both be praying for Bethany and her family.