Friday, March 12, 2010


Friends are the best thing in life. This week I was busted for not going to the fitness center for the last few weeks. My super friend called me on her way to her job and said "I was driving by the fitness center and thought of you and thought I'd call you." That's all she said then, but later in the day we were having a conversation about my feelings lately and she asked "Have you been working out?" She knows the answer. I haven't blogged lately or talked about the fitness center. She knows. I'm busted. But that's good. It's good when someone recognizes that something has shifted in your life and can call you on it in an encouraging but corrective way.

Last weekend I was in Boston - land that I love, but land of great stress and increased anxiety. I blogged all about the emotional duress I experience visiting the land of my youth last need to reiterate. I did see my brother and have about a 10 sentence conversation with him which is a 7 sentence increase over the last time I saw him. Big improvement since I only saw him for about 10 minutes this time as opposed to 3 hours last time! There was difficulty with one of the friends there..the one i expected it to be and maybe at long last this friendship can be ended. This friendship started years and years ago when I sought all types of approval and friendship. I would have done anything people said to keep them in my lives. But eventually I grew up and grew somewhat of a spine and determined what I liked to do and had opinions. I got married and had someone else to consult on major decisions and often our decisions weren't what she thought was the "best". Since then our friendship has been rocky but consistent. We moved closer to her when my husband changed jobs and I thought this would help our friendship, but it has strained it more. It is sad to end a friendship, but it is even sadder to live constantly in a state of disapproval.

I'm off this weekend to a conference in Normal, Illinois. I wonder why they named it this. I should do some research. It's called the Hearts at Home Conference - it's all about being the best mother and person we can while being at home with our kids.

Thanks for those who are checking in with me even when I don't blog! It's encouraging.


  1. I've said it before, but there's a lot of truth in that old saying "you can choose your friends, but you can't choose your family!". People do change over time and we discover that the common interests that brought us together have disappeared and it's time to move on. I count myself very lucky that I'm still good friends with people I went to school with nearly 30 years ago!