Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April 1st

Spring, ah spring! Today was a beautiful are beginning to bloom on the tree just outside my sunroom window. We took the girls to a park to ride their bikes while my husband and I walked hand in hand behind them. It was perfect.

Ah, if only, no... I MUST keep these thoughts in my head. Those moments need to be the ones I think of...

I love spring..not as much as fall, but still I love it! I exercised once this past week at the fitness center, and a little bit of walking today. So not zero, but not enough.

I've eaten badly. I know this. I've still done it though. But tomorrow is a 1st. It's ALWAYS easier to rededicate on the beginning of a month. Especially the beginning of a spring month when it is supposed to be sunny and 70 degrees!! I'm oozing optimism here, friends - can you feel it...can you take some of it for yourself and your own motivation? Please do!

I've been reading some wonderful books lately. Wonderful, soul searching kind of books that really give me perspective on a lot.

The Mom I Want to Be - T. Suzie Eller. I read it through and now I want to go and read it again more in depth. It has really given me great perspective on my parenting and my abilities to make our lives better than what I had.

Self Talk, Soul Talk - Jennifer Rothschild. I'm a little less than half way through. It's about training ourselves to talk to ourselves in a positive way and ways that only encourage us. I love how she honestly says that it won't get rid of the negative stuff we think, but if we continue to practice positive self talk, eventually the good stuff will cover up a lot of the bad. I might quote some of her because a lot of what she writes can really apply to a weight loss battle.

The Last Child in the Woods - Richard Louv - This has nothing to do with weight loss or self improvement really, but it is a study about how children today have what the author terms as "nature deficit disorder" and how that is really causing them higher anxiety and greater inability to deal with stress. It's interesting so far.

This might be my favorite week of the whole year. Dubbed "Holy Week" by some, I love the week leading up to Easter. My favorite thing is Good Friday services. (growing up Catholic, I didn't even mind the stations of the cross that I went to with my Nana). I think that without an understanding the suffering and sorrow, we can't understand the hope and joy and truth of Easter.

HAPPY EASTER!! (in case I dont get around to posting again)


  1. good one...any step forward in positive self talk is a good one. The battle is fought in the mind.

  2. Thanks for sharing about my book, but more so I pray that God will bless you and your family like crazy. : )

  3. Hi Jodie - Missing you here! Hope all is well. Come back and tell us about it!