Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Writing off the month

This month was just bad where weight was concerned.  I did make my exercise goal for the quarter, but the scale went backwards.  It's okay.  Not wholly unexpected.  Everytime I make a major goal, I have trouble moving forward.

There's also the stress of life right now, which has caused me to overeat.  I won't get into all of that, but there's pretty big stuff going on.

So I'm writing March 2012 off.  For one year, I have not had to write an entire month off, but this year I will.  I have worked hard, and I will continue to work hard.  Maybe I just needed a breather.

Have a great day!


  1. Jodie, you have a great attitude about this month. This is where real life comes into play in our weight loss journeys. You not hating yourself and thinking you're a failure just because of a bad month is awesome.

    You are seeing that things happen, but you kept up the exercise, and you know you'll keep going. Great job!

    That said, I'm sorry you are going through things. *hug* I hope whatever it is rights itself soon. And grandma used to say, "The Bible says 'and it came to pass' which means it didn't come to stay.". :) Take care my blog land friend.

  2. Sorry that it has been a rough month for you. I'm hoping that better days are coming your way. Take care...

  3. I hope things are look up for you Jodie!

  4. Jodie ... Checking in on you. How are things going? I hope to hear from you soon.