Saturday, April 14, 2012

Missing in Action

Hello all -

I confess, I haven't been reading blogs too much this past month.  I have gained a few pounds this month due to a few factors but I am still exercising every day.

The biggest reason for not posting is because my thoughts are focused on growing our family.  We've been working with a fertility clinic and this last month was full of dr. visits, blood draws and shots of drugs to try to get me pregnant.  I was bloated and stressed so I ate accordingly.  I haven't gained that much back and I have no intention to forever drowning my failure to conceive in donuts..but it has given me a little bit of comfort this very stressful month.

Secondly, the hospital found a mass on my dad;s liver.  Not entirely unexpected, but because he is with the VA hospital, everything is SOO Slow...  They want to do an MRI but not until the end of May!!  This drives me crazy!!  A month and a half just to determine if it's malignant or benign!  It's crazy.  I hope it's not fast growing whatever it is.

So that's the short of it.  I hope you all are well!!


  1. I'm sorry to hear life is tough right now. You will get through this because you are strong.
    Losing weight and getting fit is a 'rest of my life' journey and that's where we are all at and I understand that this part of your life is hard so my thoughts are with you. Take care of yourself and I hope to read good news for the family plans and your Dad's health

  2. Basically...ditto what Dawn said.

    Oh, Jodie..that's all tough stuff and it's no wonder you're stressed. This health thing is all a part of our lives and learning to handle the stress without medicating with food is hard when that's all we've done in the past.

    You will definitely be in my prayers. *hug*

  3. p.s. Great job on keeping up with the exercise through it all. :)