Thursday, February 9, 2012

Back to Running

I haven't been running much, but since I have the 8k coming up in March and I'm hoping to do a 5k before then, I've got to get cracking.  I started today just doing a half mile so I don't get too sore.  Often when I get back to running, I'll go right out and run 2-3 miles and then the next day I hurt like heck!!

:)  All is good...still holding on to these 2 lbs...I think I'm like a bear, ready to hibernate for the winter...holding onto fat!  Seriously!


  1. Smart thinking with the running. You're hibernating and I think my inner rebellious child refuses to get on track w/ healthier choices...argh.

    We will do this. I can't let you catch up. LOL

  2. Great job for starting to run again! I recently added it into my work out mix and enjoy running now, scary thought LOL