Friday, February 24, 2012

Unprocessed Day 3

I am on the 3rd day of eating only unprocessed foods.   After reading a lot on the web, there are lots of variants to what people consider "unprocessed."  Some consider eating things only in their natural state.  Like Milk.  Sure I could get raw milk, but I'm not really interested in it.  I don't drink a lot of milk anyhow, but I am considering milk from the grocery store as natural.  Others consider processed as anything that alters the original state of the food.  Consider, butter.  It has cream from milk and sometimes salt.  But to change milk into butter there is a process.  Because it is still natural ingredients, I consider it fine.   So in the mornings, instead of spraying non-stick cooking spray ( it contains lecithin, which is an emulsifier, dimethyl silicone, which is an anti-foaming agent, and a propellant such as butane or propane) I use ever so slight amount of butter, just to coat the pan so my eggs won't stick. 

I will say I miss my lavash bread.  I think it is the feeling of fullness (bloating?) after eating those carbs that I miss.  I've been using lettuce as my bread this week.  I still put turkey breast (that I cooked - not from the deli) on top of the lettuce, with sprouts, tomatoes and mustard, roll it a little and eat it like that.

As always i'm eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.  For snacks (the hardest thing to go unprocessed) I'm eating air popped pop corn and raw almonds.   I've also found an organic peanut butter which is okay, so I'll put that on celery or apples.   I find that the organic peanut butter is heavier and less creamy than JIF, which is a good thing so I won't take a spoon and just go crazy like I can with the JIF creamy jar!

Restaurants are a little tough but I made it through last night.  I ended up with steak and eggs with a side of a baked potato (instead of hashbrowns or toast).  I am actually considering making my own bread with wheat berries to see if a) I can do it and b) because I think 40 days without a piece of bread will be super ridiculously hard!!!

Carry on today my friends!!

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