Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Where to go from here...

I've been trying to figure out the plan...how to flip that switch. I'm hoping the snow will end so I can go to the gym later. I'm deleting all my achieved and starting over. Since it's been a rocky month I need a "fresh start" and not a reminder of my failure to keep going. Sometimes I think I cling to the "I lost 25 lbs! That's great so if I don't lose more for a while that's okay!" So now I need to begin the next phase. It's great what I've done, but I have to do more. I know that.


  1. Good idea about making it a fresh start! I like the monthly progress report at the side of the blog posts. :o) I may do something like that - it helps put things into perspective. We sweat so much about the weekly weigh-in, but monthly progress is a more accurate guide to weight loss (especially for women!)

  2. Hey Jodie,

    I agree with starting over fresh. Do you have a plan on paper? Every month I set some goals and put them on paper. It might be a good idea for you to set some weekly goals so you can feel as if you have accomplished something for the week. One goal might be to do some 5 sit-ups before bed every night for the week. Another could be to eat one meatless meal a week. Just a few suggestions. I also like to do things that will take me out of my comforter zone.

    I wish you success on your journey. Good luck and don't give up. Peace!

  3. That's why i live in Chrisbodia...
    Day one year zero.
    It is easy for anyone to say...I lost so and so amount of weight.
    I try not to think of the weight I have lost. I try to think of the next pound I need to lose.
    Keep up the good work.