Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Years Resolutions

I always make 'em and I always break 'em. Maybe my 1st resolution should be to KEEP my resolutions!

Okay, here are some, in no particular order:

Read 20 pages of an actual, honest to goodness, hardback/paperback book every day.

Stay within our newly established budget.

Workout 5 days per week with 3 weeks of vacation. (Hey, why not treat it like a job!)

Eat less fruit. (okay - really it's eat less bananas).

To be in "one"derland on 1/1/11. (appropriate - don't you think?)

All are doable. All require strong resolve. I'm optimistic...or will be until next holiday season rolls around. Maybe that needs to be a resolution too...learn to deal with holiday stress and depression better....

I have 31 followers now! This is truly amazing to me. Thank you for reading and commenting and helping to keep me motivated! Happy New Year. I'm looking forward to reading others resolutions for 2010!


  1. You can do this! I am LOL about the bananas. I got so fixated, I had to stop buying them for awhile. I kept telling myself the potassium was good for me, but hey, they are yummy, so who did I think I was kidding?

  2. Hi Jodie,
    I am so rooting for you.
    YOu can definately be in onederland by next january....just keep that ticket to exercise class handy!
    YOu sound like me when I started.
    kind of unsure, but really wanting it.
    You can definatley do this.

  3. I'm totally loving your resolutions! I think I might steal them. But bananas? Girl! If only I could EAT MORE! (I need the potassium... but I get tired of eating them.)

    You're a good writer. :)

  4. Great goals! Sound like a lot of mine, like reading more, spending less and exercising consistently. You can do it, Jodie. I'll be checking in every day as long as you're here!