Thursday, December 10, 2009

Braving the Elements

I went out in 0 degree weather to work out. Today was personal trainer day of the program I am *kind of* doing. I've skipped a bunch of days, mostly the education part. I actually have too much knowledge on weight loss for my own good. That's also the weigh in day and since I haven't had a good thing to report for 2 weeks I figure I didn't need to write it down on paper!

So, NOT working out for 2 weeks straight makes working out HARD. I was breathing and sweating a lot!

But I did it! I did it! I did it! And that is enough to celebrate for today...

Here's something that might make you laugh. My daughter says to me at lunchtime: "I do not "accept" crusts on my sandwich because my tummy does not "allow" hard bread. LOL. She makes me smile..


  1. Great Job Jodie.
    You should be proud of what you've done. It's hard to exercise when it's warm, let alone freezing.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Cute kid! Good for you for doing the work out Jodie. It's hard enough when we're in the mood, but when it's cold and we're muddling through, doing it anyway is great!

  3. Yea-you did it, you did it! I'm hoping to say the same words soon! It's been forever since I've visited the gym; mr. excuse has had a hay day with me! And your daughter sounds so cute!

  4. Really amazing--I'm proud of you. And your daughter sounds hilarious! :D Maybe we shouldn't "accept" inferior quality food either!