Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Fitness Craze(iness)

So it seems that everyone in our town has decided to shed some holiday pounds. The fitness center has been packed the last few days. I know part of it is due to school vacation and people being home, but seriously it has been nuts. 9:15 spin class yesterday they had to kick someone out because they hadn't signed up for a ticket. There are only so many bikes. The lucky person who had a ticket that had to bring it to the instructors attention - ME! I felt kind of bad but kind of good too. I'm a rule follower, so if you don't follow the rules/laws, you should be disqualified.

Today there were at least 28 people in Body Pump (including 5 guys!) I've never seen that. Feeling good today, tired after work out...having the munchies, but not giving in. Going to cut up an apple with peanut butter in a few minutes. Second good day in a row. Yay me.

1 comment:

  1. lol, you had the golden ticket OF FITNESS.
    Good on you for speaking up.
    Hope your day is going well...
    and yep, I cry at hallmark commercials especially that one from a few years ago where the grampa got a card from his grand kids...kills me every time.