Sunday, March 13, 2016

A step back, a step forward - and Gumby.

I had a little set back last week.  3 days of constant eating.  And by that I mean binge eating.  The scale went up, but it's gone back down again quickly.  I was PMS'ing so that may be why I went a little crazy.  Every since I had Charlotte I have had terribly moody PMS.  It wasn't nearly as bad before.

On a positive note, I am feeling definitely more mobility.  I took Charlotte to the park the other day and just all around felt it easier to move and chase her around.  Body Flow is also becoming easier.   There is a particular move called Standing Camel, that I had to ask the instructor if I was doing it right because it just seemed so easy.  Yep, I'm right, just "bendy".  My friend was with my Friday and as she watched me doing it, she said, "What the heck, are you Gumby?"  That made me feel good.

I've just got to keep moving forward and keep my eyes focused on what matters to me.  And remember that one slip up doesn't delete all my progress from the last 2 months! 

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