Monday, March 28, 2016


No blogging usually means no losing and that's about the gist of it.  Part of the month was slow because that's the way weight loss can be, but part of the month was slow because I wasn't taking care of myself and eating way too much too often. 

Depression is a soul sucking disease.  And while I am thankful I don't suffer the way that many do, it still knocks me off my feet and any deviation or weird thing that happens throws me off.

My ankle took a turn for the worse so I need to go back in to a different doctor to have it looked at.  After a year and half, I'm going to be rather annoyed if they tell me I need surgery now, but something has to be done.  I tried to start running again and the impact on it must have messed with it.  It's bearable, but irritating.

I also had a weird blister/boil near my privates, that after some research figured it was just a result of sweat and hair follicles, but it was still weird and made me feel self conscious (even though noone but me and my hubby could see it).

And it's the 3 year anniversary of my Dad's death.  The worst thing of his death was the timing.    He died on March 24th, 2013 (which happened to be Palm Sunday).  We couldn't do services until after Easter because of Catholic rules.   So while there is an actual date of death, from Palm Sunday til Easter is kind of always shot for me, because it was the worst week of my life in 2013.  

Just annoying things that take me off track.

I'm going to Phoenix on Thursday to visit a friend for a few days.  I've never been and I'm taking a bus tour to the Grand Canyon.  I'm very excited!  Hopefully it will set my mind straight and get me back on track for April!

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  1. Have a nice trip. My Dad died in March also. It was nine year on March 19.