Thursday, February 18, 2016

Setting Goals for the year

I've been binge free for almost 2 months now.  Also haven't had Diet Coke for the same period of time.    Things are moving along.

Based on my prior weight loss, I am setting a goal to be 10 pounds less each month this year.  Now, that first time I lost 100 lbs, sometimes I lost 12 lbs in a month and some times I lost 4lbs,  but in ended up averaging about 10 lbs per month, so as long as I stay ahead of the game, I'll be okay.  Since I lost 14.4lbs in January, I was already 4.4 ahead.  I've already reached 20lbs, so anything else for the rest of the month gets applied towards next months goal.    Roll over pounds!! LOL

So this is how it should look.  I started at 290 on January 1st

280 by February 1st  (ACHIEVED)
270 by March 1st (ACHIEVED)
260 by April 1st
250 by May 1st
240 by June 1st
230 by July 1st
220 by August 1st
210 by September 1st
200 by October 1st
190 by November 1st
180 by December 1st
170 by January 1st, 2017

I turned down the opportunity to do more projects at my job.  I thought about it, and just decided that while the project was perfect for me, the company is not, and I have some issues with staff, which is why I left to start with.  Things have been going so well being home and getting to the gym every day, I kind of don't want to mess that up!!

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