Sunday, January 24, 2016

Swimming is exhausting

There is nothing as exhausting to me in exercising than swimming.  Not muscle aching tired, just a sweeping lethargy that comes over my whole body a couple of hours after a swim.  A "I want to take a nap" kind of tiredness.

It's Oscar Season which is kind of my favorite time of the year.  Yesterday I watched 4 of the 8 Best Picture nominations. 
Room:  Disturbing and Sad but very very well acted
Brooklyn:  A lovely lovely film.
Spotlight:  It's fantastic, but I wonder if I would love it as much if I didn't live near Boston at the time
Revenant:  Worthy of the praise it's getting.  I LOVED seeing Leo in a movie like this. 

The other two I've seen

Mad Maxx: Fury Road:  At first I was like, "What the heck IS this movie", but then I really did appreciate it as a film. 

The Martian:  I love Matt Damon.  I prefer him as Jason Bourne to anything else, but he puts a good turn in here.  I was underwhelmed, but I did enjoy the movie.,

So I have two left to see for Best Picture:  Bridge of Spies and the Big Short

Then I also want to see:
Steve Jobs (on video Feb 2)
The Danish Girl

I am seeing all the Oscar Shorts on Feb 20th.    I'm hosting an Oscar viewing party this year.  I have attended one for the past 3 years but for some reason I didn't make the cut for invitation this year.  I was sad for a bit, but then I said to myself "Just throw your own".  So I am.  And I think for the first time in my life, every person I've invited has said yes!    I'm excited!!

I'm still maintaining my streak of losing weight...I'm due for Aunt Flo any day now, so that might start to creep again. 

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