Saturday, March 12, 2011

Life, Loss, and Love

I wish I was tougher. I wish I didn't cry when people hurt me. I wish I let everything just roll off my back. I wish I lost my appetite when these things happened. But I am not and it does not.

My mother died last month. For those of you who are regular readers you might recall that I did not grow up with my mother and have only seen her twice in my life. We did not have much a relationship obviously, so her death has brought up lots of emotions. When she left (when I was 3) she took all the photos of us as children, so I have no pictures of me, or me with her my brother or my dad. When I sent my condolences to her husband (not my dad obviously) I asked if he would consider sending me some of those pictures

My brother and I have had a very tumultuous relationship my whole life. He is older and had sustained a quasi relationship. (meaning he might have only seen her a handful of times in the last 20 years).

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