Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Myth "Bust"ed

One of my greatest "fears" of losing weight is that it would make me look bustier. Now, growing up with two males, anything talk about femininity was out the window. Sure I had aunts who told me minimally about TOM and took me to Sears to buy my first bra, but that was the first and last conversation about womanly things. Because I was big I thought I had big breasts.

So when a good friend of mine hosted a "bra party", I figured (haha) what the heck! I needed a new bra. But I was terrified. I always wear a "C" cup but my friends told me emphatically, "There's no way that is your right size!" So I went fearing that I'd be this huge size and that I'd be ashamed that all along I was wearing the wrong size. HA HA. So really my size is a "B" Cup!! All along I have thought that I had big boobs. I am a big woman, but my boobs are small!!! There was some relief in that in my mindset. First, I'm very self conscious which makes me worry about how busty I look. Second, I was worried as I lost weight, I would be thinner, therefore my boobs would stand out more. I think now knowing that I have a small cup size I can lose weight without fear of that. I did come home that night and tell my husband, "Sorry babe, I had the smallest boobs of anyone at that party!"

Here's some other things I "learned" - Bras are only supportive for about 100 wears.
You shouldn't put bras in the dryer. You should handwash or delicate cycle them in a mesh bag. (No wonder my bras all look horrible!) You should not hang bras up by the straps when they are wet. You shouldn't wear the same bra two days in a row!

Well, I broke about every bra rule in the book! (again, why my bras look the way they do!_

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  1. Oi vay again! I know my boobs are bigger from nursing, extra weight for a zillion years, and again. A nice champagne glass B cup sounds downright delicate!! Glad you're now firmly ensconsed in your new blog!