Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Danger, Danger!! Slippery Slope Ahead...

Yesterday was one of those days. I just got depressed. And my eating reflected that.
My kids got their report cards on Friday and I have one daughter who has the best teacher and another who has an average teacher. The average teacher doesn't give comments and my daughters grades (in K it is Beginning, Developing, Secure, Excels) stayed the same since last quarter. It just put me in a funk. I try very hard not to compare my kids, and the fact that one had 13 grades higher than the other made me realize that it is the teacher, not the kids, because while one excels in some things, it is not 13 other things! But when one kid is not getting the attention and love of a great kindergarten teacher and the other does, it makes me feel bad. I'm proactive, I've emailed her teacher asking more specific questions, my daughter says she treats everyone the same and that she is nice. I think that as a Mom, I want always what is best for my girls and clearly one is getting the short end of the stick and it is frustrating.

Also looking for a church is hard. (or maybe I'm just making it hard). My fear of people is not unfounded, but my friend reminds me that there are sinful people everywhere. This I know. But I have higher expectations. I believe that if you are living for Jesus than that flows out of your heart. It is evident in your life that even though you aren't perfect, you are earnestly seeking to be a better person by becoming more like Him - and you aren't mean! We are going to try another church this weekend. I'll keep you posted!

So in order to try to get out of this "mood" I stayed up til 1:30AM cleaning my desk and getting our tax stuff ready. Often if I wake up with less to do in the AM I get going more easily. And so far, not too bad. I've not eaten any crap and I'm feeling okay. I've got to anchor myself quick or I'll be going down that slippery slope of bad eating again....


  1. It's good you posted about the funk Jodie. That always helps me a bit. You can put the brakes on the eating, even if you can't immediately turn off the funk. You're doing good - and right on schedule. As we put down the crazy eating, we get more tender and emotional.

    I remember when one of my kids would have a crappy teacher - it made me crazy and seemed unfair. But once they get out in the world, they'll have crappy bosses and work associates - so I guess it's good practice. They have great parents at home, and that's wheat counts most.

  2. Missing you. Hope everything is ok. Come BAAAAAAACK!! :)

  3. I hope everything is okay, you need to come back and tell us what is going on!

  4. My favorite quote for those difficult times is that you don't drown by falling in the water, you drown by staying there. Things have a way of working themselves out. You know what to do. There are some books recommended on some of my posts as well as some programs that have worked for me.