Thursday, June 25, 2015

I forgot about the Agony...

The agony of not seeing the scale move for days even though you are doing everything right!

Before I started down this path again, I invested in a doctors scale.  I was so tired of stepping on a digital scale and having it read 6 different weights in the span of 1 minute.  I love my scale.  Even when it doesn't move.

The reality is I've had a cold and I got my period which are the two things that mostly make me retain water.   So I shouldn't be so annoyed at the scale, yet there it is! 

Week 1 -  I lost 7 lbs
Week 2 - I lost 2 lbs
Week 3 - I lost 4.5 lbs
Week 4 - I lost 1 lb

So in 4 weeks I have lost 14.5 lbs, which is nothing to sneeze at.   I know now it starts to go slower, but I've been down this road before.  I just have to revist my blog from 2011 when I started to be real serious about my health. 

I've had 30 days without Diet Coke, which I am telling you is essential to this process.  The first thing I did before I came undone was have a Diet Coke, and then another.  Without Diet Coke, I have no cravings for sweet things.  I'd rather have a fruit or a vegetable than a cookie.  Truth. 

Here's to the next 4 weeks!

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