Monday, November 9, 2009

Here I am Again..

The sun came out for a few days but now has gone away again! :(

I had a lovely visit with my friend from Boston, but it ended sadly with the drama that I was anticipating with my one girlfriend who lives here. It's too long to go into, but I surely did a lot of emotional eating at this point of the last week. Since my friend was here, I didn't get to the gym as often either.

I went to a Beth Moore conference (she's a very dynamic Christian author and speaker) in Springfield this weekend with a very good friend. There were over 8000 women in attendance there. It was pretty amazing. One thing that she spoke about was how our grudges keep us in bondage to the person that we have a grudge about. I think it was Leslie at Something Brilliant who said something a while back about negative things taking up space in our brain...and this added to thought. This friend that was an instigator of the stress I had, has done this so often, I have grudges against her (some that go 7 years long). I am loving and forgiving, but when the same instances recurr over and over - it is easy to have grudges. But it does make in bondage to her. IF one person's actions cause such distraction and distress,then why do I let myself stay in that situation?

Anyhow. I am trying to catch up on some blogs. Life returns to normal for a few weeks until we travel for Thanksgiving! Have a great day!


  1. I absolutely agree with what the Christian speaker had to say - you HAVE to let things go... If you don't, they'll eat away at you and fill you with resentment, which is a very negative (and self-destructive) emotion. It took me a long time to realise this. The person you're feeling resentful towards probably hasn't even given you a second thought...

  2. Oh I love Beth Moore. She always starts off humorous and light hearted and then ZING....gets you right in the heart strings. She is awesome and anointed. I envy you your trip! Isn't it great when God gives us what we need, when we need it.
    Hope your next week is better.