Monday, November 23, 2009


I am allowing myself vacation. I am not beating myself up over eating french fries. I am making healthy choices when available. I allowed myself to eat half of a white chocolate peanut butter cup from the Chocolate Factory store we went. See...I refuse to pay $10 for lettuce. So unless a restaurant has an amazingly described tasty salad, I'm not eating them.

Here's a sad thing. In reality I am still fat. I think because I focus so much on the positives and I have lost almost 30 lbs that I just "think thin". But I saw this photo from our trip and I got sad.Because it reminded me so much I have left to do. I know I'm on my way, but sometimes the emotions hit me of all the work I have ahead of me.

Some people will say that if I have so much left than I shouldn't make "allowances". Well there's a little truth to that, but I know myself. If I stress too much about the process, I'll HATE the process, and I won't be able to endure longterm. I'm tired right now...haven't slept much the last couple of days which is making me more emotional for sure.

We'll be out of Canada tomorrow and back in the states, on our way to the pilgrims!


  1. I've said it before and know I'll say it again...Jodie, you have such a wonderful face and smile. You look kind, soft and approachable (not to mention an adorable daughter!). I understand the frustration of how much is there left to do, but you plan on being alive and living through the next the weight loss is just something that is threaded into the mix. It's not the totality. You are wise to enjoy your and the available food. Why not?! And welcome back to the states tomorrow!

  2. You need to make this something you can live with! And you are doing that. Don't beat yourself up for it.

    By the way, we took our kids to Niagara Falls 2 years ago. We didn't have passports (although we brought our kids' birth certificates which was all you had to have at the time) and the border patrol officer asked our kids if we were their parents. It was kind of funny. I'm glad they said yes! :D

    Have a great time, enjoy your trip and don't let the journey getcha down! *Hugs*

  3. Hang in there and continue to remember your reason for living healthier. Your heart will love and take care of you.

  4. It's not easy is it? Had dinner at my mum's on Saturday and we picked up pizzas for everyone else (£3.49 each) and a falafel salad for me (£4.99). How on earth can my piddly little salad cost £1.50 more than a 12" pizza?!? Still, it tasted really good!

    If you're going to eat 'naughty' foods then make a decision to do that and enjoy them - then move on. You can get back on track once you're home again. So long as you don't beat yourself up about it so much you end up comfort eating for days and weeks after you get back (like I used to!)

    Have a fantastic time!

  5. As far as diets go and kind of "easing up" on them once in awhile... I am guilty too. The low sodium thing is sometimes hard to follow. When I go out to eat, and I see the healthy food for much much more money and the "saltier" food for less, I cave. It tastes good. It helps me financially. And then I just cut corners elsewhere later. Maybe I just eat a salad at home that day. But whatever it is, Jodie- know that you ARE beautiful. Don't forget- man looks on the outward appearance, but God looks at our hearts. :)
    Love you!