Monday, November 4, 2013

A Blip

Wow, time flies when you are destroying your hard work!  10 ridiculously bad days.  Am I not ready to do this?  No, I am.  I did walk/occasionally jogged a 5k yesterday.  I'm a bit sore today and my plantar fasciitis is bugging.  I had seriously thought about getting my shirt and getting back in the car and going home, but I did it.  It was a beautiful day.  I wanted to have a "beginning" score again. 

I want to do this.  I'm just so darned sad all the time...  Time....I just need time....


  1. Way to go on completing the 5k. I know that your now where you want to be but everyone has to start somewhere.

  2. Hi there. I had not blogged in almost 2 months so I did not see your comment on my blog. How happy I am to see that you are blogging again. And your beautiful family!!

    I am feeling much the same as you are...for different reasons. We can do this!! It will be great to watch each other get it done.