Friday, December 31, 2010

Weight Loss and "Winkies"

I'm a little sad that my kids are now old enough that they need to learn the real names of things we have let them have cute names for like "Old McDonalds" and "Winkies".

What's a Winkie, you ask? Well it's that delightful golden yellow cake with filling that could last through a nuclear annihilation of earth (according to Wall-E anyway).

I was never a Twinkie fan (although I will eat them) but I do love me some Hostess Suzy Q's and those 2/$1 Honey Buns you can get at most convenience stores. It's sad that such wonderfully tasty treats do not allow for weight loss. I ate a Suzy Q every day that high school was in session. EVERY Day. Clearly my addiction to these things started early in life. I am thankful that my children are not allow to buy add-ons to lunch yet, and that will be closely monitored when it becomes available.

I don't buy Suzy-Q's now. But in a sense of balance for my kids, I do have snack foods around the house and I'm not really willing to banish these things. I have no desire to raise nutritious fanatics. My goal in parenting is to teach my kids moderation and balance, not deprivation and disproportion. It's being able to say 'No, you may not have 3 packs of fruit snacks, but if you are still hungry after 1 pack, then you may have a cheesestick or an orange." Why is this so hard to do for myself! Oh, anguish!

Wishing you all well for the New Year! Be safe!

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  1. I let my kids have crap sometimes...once or twice a month, lol. They like it and it won't kill them. I homeschool my youngest and my oldest attends a charter school where they have no vending machines and they have to bring their lunch. Happy New year to you.