Thursday, December 30, 2010

Reflections for the Year End

I used to hate New Years. I was usually alone or babysitting for someone else while they went out and had fun. So I would sit alone and eat Pizza or Chinese food and watch TV and think about all the terrible and lonely things that had happened the prior year and lament that I was still alone and still fat.

Now, I find hope in the end of a year. I see failure as something that has happened but doesn't need to continue to happen. 2010 was a failure for me in weight loss. I gained back every pound lost. The whys of it aren't incredibly important. I eat because I'm...(insert any emotional adjective here).

I think what IS important is that I am thinking about the coming year and finding opportunities to do better. I have already made a list of fitness classes and times that are convenient for me to take each week. I have made attainable numerical goals. Have I done this all before? You bet! But I will continue to do it until I am successful and maintain the success.

I considered starting a new blog, but then I realized my story is continuing - it isn't a new one. There is no need to rip out the previous chapters. There is a lot to remind me of my failure, but there is also a lot to remind me of my success, also.

So, because I like "cute" mottoes I have made this goal:

212 By 2012. Will I still be overweight if I reach this? Yes. But I will be healthier, stronger and closer to where I want to be. It gives me attainable weekly goals of around 2 lbs per week. It leaves me some room to fail, because I surely will some days.

That's my only resolution this year.

Happy New Year!!

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