Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Was That Woman

Earlier today in Walmart the woman behind me had the following things:
1 package sugar coated donuts
1 package iced cinnabons
1 large baguette bread
2 boxes Philly steak meat

I will confess I've always been a "cart snoop". I always wondered what "normal" people ate, how and what they cooked.

When I saw what this woman had and then looked at her I was sad for her. Because she was overweight. I was sad because *I* used to be that woman. The one who checked out with more processed food than real food. Sugar laden treats were plentiful, fruits and veggies not so. I sometimes would make up some story at the register to make it look like I wasn't buying all that sugary stuff for myself. I would shop a little bit at a time so people wouldn't figure I was binging on the stuff. I always thought people would have disdain and embarrassment for me if they knew I was the one stuffing my face. Maybe they did, but maybe they weren't embarrassed by me, or making fun of me...maybe they were sad for me, too.

I know I may have misjudged the situation. Maybe she was bringing these treats to a church potluck or a Super Bowl Party tomorrow. If she had been even slightly overweight I might not have given it a second thought. But she was very overweight. Like I was and still am. And then I was so glad that I have started to make the right choices for my life and I hoped that she would soon figure out that there is more happiness in NOT eating crappy food than there is in actually eating it. I was that woman. And now I'm not. and I'm grateful.


  1. Iwrote something similar not too long ago...
    It's amazing the difference in what I eat now vs. what I used to eat.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Oh yeah...I have been that woman many times. Sadly so. Glad you are doing so well!

  3. I was that woman as well but I did not feel guilty about because I did not know it was a problem for me. My goal is never to judge but to ask God to give them a clue.

  4. I'm glad you're feeling strong and doing so well, Jodie. Of course, I was also that woman about whom you spoke. This is the easier softer way.

  5. It's horrible but I've never been THAT woman. I never went to the store and loaded up on junk like that, I barely bought junk foods at all. I would stock up on tons of healthy foods and a few 'treat' things like my favorite pretzels. Only problem is I would binge on the bag of pretzels and it would be gone in just a few servings..

    I was always like "I eat so healthy why am I fat?" I mean pretzels are low fat and stuff..But it was the binging on the healthy foods, over doing a good things that got me here. I do see the people at the store though who have carts full of cookies, candy, chips, soda and other junk..I feel for them.

  6. I've been guilty of this... And I HATE (especially having been the size I am - and have been before) the fact that I 'judge' the owner of the junk food shopping trolley if they're overweight... I wouldn't give it a second thought if the person pushing the trolley was slim! :o(

  7. A cart snoop! So there's a name for it! I do it too!

    Impressive progress; bravo!

  8. I'm glad you're feeling strong and doing so well.
    The Jump Manual