Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bowls, Earthquakes and Valentines Season

At the beginning of the year I put in my goals that I would take 2 weeks of vacation from the gym. This week was one of those week. I kind of took a break from reading and posting on my blog too, but I'm getting back into the groove. I will probably save my next vacation towards the holidays at the END of the year.

So first we had our Chili Bowl our church with lots of chili and cornbread and hotdogs. Then we had the Super Bowl...had a fabulous time at a friends house, except I just kept nibbling and nibbling wings and spinach dip and peanut m&m's.

Then it is Valentines Season, (at our house this means every day my husband gives me a small gift leading up to valentines day) and while my husband has been very good not to give me candy every day, there''s been a few days where I've gotten candy treats for part of Valentine's Season. Then there was our Valentine's Dinner Date, where I ate Veal in some super rich sauce that I seriously would have slurped the sauce up if I was alone but it would have been uncouth to do so at a fine dining establishment.

Oh, have I mentioned the earthquake? Yep, we felt it.. Wednesday, 3:59 AM. I woke up and asked my husband why our bed was shaking. It was a minor earthquake with an epicenter about 6 miles from our house, but seriously we didn't expect an earthquake in Illinois!!

So that's what has been going on. My vacation ends tomorrow, so I should be back to daily posting on Monday (with something different to tell you!)


  1. I was just thinking the other day...Jodie hasn't posted in awhile. Glad you back and got a little break :)

  2. Welcome back to blog world, you were missed. Glad you enjoyed your little vacation away but glad your back!

  3. Glad you're back in the mix here - not the same without you, Jodie. I like the idea of a break from the gym - but I'm just trying to have my knees feel good enough to be able to do 2 weeks in a row! Very frustrating.

    I didn't hear about the Illinois earthquake and I have a son in Chicago!!! I also have a daughter in the DR who definitely felt the Haiti quake, but didn't know what it was inititally! Glad your shakin' was mild! ;)

  4. Scary about the earthquake... Good to have you back! :o)

  5. I like the idea of a break from the gym .
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  6. Hi Jodie. I'm totally missing your blog posts, where are you???? You were supposed to be coming back and I have yet to see you. I know it can be hard to get back into the swing of things after a mini vacation away from it but us blog followers are missing you...

    When you do come on back, swing by my blog because I gave you an award that is waiting to be picked up. :0)