Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Never thought I'd be having a baby...

When I was 20 years old I went to my first gynecologist appointment.  I started my period at 15 or 16 but only had cycles once every 4-6 months.  I remember then asking her about being able to get pregnant someday, and she told me it would be difficult.  I remember leaving that appointment in tears, thinking I would never be able to have a family.   I was about 230 lbs then and ate all sorts of sugary crap all day long.

9 years later I got married.  I still only had cycles every 4-6 months.  I weighed 260 lbs and at all sorts of sugary crap.  We visited an ob/gyn who had me do a few cycles of clomid.  I did manage to ovulate with the clomid but still never became pregnant.  We decided to adopt in stead of pursue any more fertility treatments.  I got up to over 300 lbs.

8 years later.  I lost 100 lbs.  My cycles became regular - 28 day cycles.  I wasn't eating sugary crap.  I exercised, I was healthy.  I still wasn't getting pregnant, so we decided to visit a specialist, because I didn't want to have regrets 5 years from now when I can't have kids.  It turned out there was more to our issues than my lack of ovulation...we had low sperm count with low motility and I have a tilted cervix, which the doctor things may have made it difficult for sperm to travel.

After a bunch of invasive procedures to make sure my parts were indeed working correctly, we chose to do insemination.  For a long while, I wasn't sure how much assistance I was comfortable with, and each person needs to decide that for themselves.  We decided since it was still all my hubby and all me, we were okay with a little help.  It is pretty much "the turkey baster" method.

Now I'm pregnant. :)  I know for sure I wouldn't be in this condition if I hadn't lost all that weight and stopped eating all that crap.  I know my body is in the best shape for carrying a baby.  I'm not thrilled that I'll gain back some of the weight, but it's an exciting time and a testimony to all the hard work that I have done and for which I am proud.

So that's my story...and I'm sticking to it!


  1. It's so good to hear from you! Thanks for sharing your story. You have been through a lot and yet you persevere. So inspiring!

  2. omgeeeeee! Congratulations!!! So exciting!! When they say non-scale victories, this has to top the list!

  3. That is so awesome, girl. Congrats!!! I need to get it together w/ weightloss b/c i am sooo wanting to be pregnant... still waiting for my cycles to regulate. Though it does look like i'm ovulating. And my cycles are getting more regular.

  4. Thank you for sharing your story! I am so happy for you! Looking forward to following along, I hope to try for #2 early next year :). I needed Clomid to get pregnant with my first, but it looks like I am ovulating on my own now that I'm losing weight.

    Congratulations!!! :)