Thursday, September 30, 2010

What makes me do it or NOT do it?

I'm pondering right now what makes me motivated to go to the gym and why I can't stay motivated. I've talked about the switch mentality...where for months I can go and be happy and motivated at the gym and then in one moment dread every second. The switch was turned off. Right now I am like a kid playing with the lights, On off, on off, on off....etc. Some days I'm on, then I'm off...Monday I worked out and ate well. Tuesday I ate well until the end of the day...Wednesday - switch off...Today..well it's undecided, but probably is in the off position based on how I'm currently feeling.

It's kind of maddening....stay motivated lose 50 lbs...lose motivation gain 50 lbs...get motivation back....I think I need some duct tape for my switch...anyone else?

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